We have always dreamt of building a house for a ‘Bond Villain’, although our client in this instance is completely ‘legit’.

This extraordinary location called for a site-specific design, and we certainly created a uniquely original home.

Located on top of a windswept hill, boasting 360-degree views of the New South Wales South Coast – taking in vistas from the mountains to the ocean – our design proposes a low circular building form.

This form merges into the landscape, effectively replacing the knoll, complete with a green roof.

The circular shape enables superb views from every room while – at its centre – a 35 metre-wide internal courtyard creates a micro-climate garden oasis, with a swimming pool at its heart.

As well as offering protection and shelter from the prevailing coastal winds, the courtyard provides privacy for the occupants: Bond Villain or not!


Gerringong, NSW