After designing Tongue N Groove’s first flagship showroom in Sydney, Tobias Partners was invited to collaborate on the interior design of this Melbourne showroom.

Tongue N Groove is a timber flooring company that specialises in solid European oak boards, which are “unrivalled in terms of size, strength, flexibility of use, stability and quality”.

The brief, then, was to create a striking space to showcase the diversity and versatility of Tongue N Groove’s signature product.

We created a series of faceted, timber-clad ‘lenses’ which draw light through the external windows and across the product, thus highlighting the richness of timber and the variety of finishes.

These lenses read as intricate contemporary art installations in the bare, industrial space, and draw the visitor into an intriguing and dramatic engagement with the product.

The success of this project relies on the rigorous planning and attention to detail, which literally showcase Tongue N Groove’s products in a whole new light.


Richmond, VIC


Justin Alexander