Designed for a steep double-block at Whale Beach, this house maximises commanding views across the Pacific Ocean.

The contours of the site suggested a stratified approach to the architecture. The plan and arrangement of spaces provides one main level that is fully equipped for the owners’ day-to-day living when they’re alone, with the lower levels functioning independently for guests.

These separate yet connected floor plates allow for independent living experiences.

Perched within rocky outcrops and located beside a public park, the building’s structure is leaner towards its edges, which effectively frames the majestic views.

Secondary spaces – such as circulation and service areas – are located within the building’s core, and light is introduced by a double-roof mechanism and clerestory glazing.

This incredible site is a unique place with an inherent quietness. The building strives to maintain that quietness by conveying a sense of calmness throughout the interior design.


Whale Beach, NSW


Australian Institute of Architects – NSW Architecture Awards – Shortlist – Residential Architecture – Houses (New), 2013

HOUSES Awards – Shortlist – New House over 200m2, 2013


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Justin Alexander